Deputy Minister for Farming and Food, Rebecca Evans today announced she is launching the Cymorth TB programme across Wales, following a successful pilot.

Cymorth TB offers farmers in Wales a bespoke package of support via veterinary visits, paid for by the Welsh Government, following a TB breakdown. These will be delivered by a private vet (where possible the farmer’s own vet) and will include tailored biosecurity advice and advice on how to clear the breakdown up as quickly as possible.

Cymorth TB is a free support and advisory service for the farming community which will assist you in reducing the risk of TB in your herd in the future. 

At a Cymorth TB visit, a vet will visit you on farm to offer tailored advice and support regarding all aspects of the breakdown process, disease management on farm, biosecurity, business continuity, and best practice to reduce the likelihood of future breakdowns.

Vet Practices with Cymorth TB Trained Vet

Cymorth TB trained vet(s) are available in the following veterinary practices: 

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