Deputy Minister for Farming and Food, Rebecca Evans today announced she is launching the Cymorth TB programme across Wales, following a successful pilot.

Cymorth TB offers farmers in Wales a bespoke package of support via veterinary visits, paid for by the Welsh Government, following a TB breakdown. These will be delivered by a private vet (where possible the farmer’s own vet) and will include tailored biosecurity advice and advice on how to clear the breakdown up as quickly as possible.


The initial post TB-breakdown session will be followed up by further visits during the breakdown period, including when movement restrictions are lifted, to discuss how the farm can remain TB free.

Rebecca Evans said:

“TB is one of the most serious animal health issues we face, but we continue to build and develop a programme which is robust and flexible enough to make a difference and one which involves working in partnership towards our goal of a TB Free Wales.

“The Cymorth TB pilot has shown that the disease can be best addressed in partnership with an appropriately informed farming industry, supported by a fully trained and engaged veterinary profession. I am therefore pleased to announce that from today the Cymorth TB Veterinary Programme will be available to all farmers in Wales.”

Christianne Glossop, Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales said:

“Private vets, with their skills, knowledge and relationships with cattle keepers, are well-placed to give tailored advice. During the Cymorth TB visit, vets can explain the science behind the disease as well as Welsh Government policies designed to eradicate bovine TB altogether from Wales. They can also discuss best practice in disease prevention and contingency planning at every TB test they conduct.”

The role of the private vet is central to the delivery of an effective TB eradication programme. Cymorth TB enables private practices and vets to increase their involvement in the eradication programme in Wales.

Farmers suffering a TB breakdown and wishing to access the Cymorth TB service should ask their APHA contacts who will provide further information.


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