Cymorth TB is a free support and advisory service for the farming community which will assist you in reducing the risk of TB in your herd in the future. 

At a Cymorth TB visit, a vet will visit you on farm to offer tailored advice and support regarding all aspects of the breakdown process, disease management on farm, biosecurity, business continuity, and best practice to reduce the likelihood of future breakdowns.


To be eligible for a free consultation from your local veterinary surgeon you must currently be under TB restrictions or have recently come off restrictionsThis free visit can be claimed any time during your TB breakdown, but it may be most useful around the time of your first Short Interval TB test as more results will be available.

An APHA vet will visit you at the beginning of your breakdown and will provide you with a voucher for your free Cymorth TB consultation. In order to claim your visit, please contact the APHA Cymorth TB Team on the information below or your private vet.

The advice and guidance from your own private vet who knows your herd and your business can be an invaluable asset during this difficult time, and we hope, should your herd go down with a breakdown, you decide to take advantage of this programme.